Ron’s Top Ten Reasons to Buy Your Next Hamilton or Breitling at an Authorized Dealer

September 19, 2011.  There is a lot of confusion out there as to what it means to be an ‘authorized’ dealer or to be ‘certified’ in the repair of luxury watches.  Even worse, there is an unfortunate thriving market in fake Hamiltons and fake Breitlings along with fake Rolexes and every other type of luxury watches;  there is a gray market as well in genuine but illegally imported parts and watches.  It’s all very confusing!  Many of my clients have made major investments in their Hamilton, Breitling, or other watches, and as an authorized dealer in both Hamilton and Breitling watches here in New York City, I thought it best to release my informal list of the ‘Top Ten Reasons To Buy Your Next Hamilton or Breitling at an Authorized Dealer.’

Top Ten Reasons to Prefer an Authorized Watch Dealer

  1. Understand what it means to be an authorized dealer.  An authorized dealer is in a legal relationship with the manufacturer, so you are not just buying a watch – you are buying a relationship among yourself, the manufacturer, and the authorized dealer.  I have been an authorized dealer of both Hamilton (since 1985), and Breitling (1987) here in New York, NY.
  2. Protect your investment.  Luxury watches such as Breitling or Hamilton are not cheap, so buying them from an authorized dealer means that your watch repair warranty will be valid no matter where you go.
  3. Understand the Difference between Authorized Dealers and Certified Repairs.  An authorized dealer is legally able to sell you a luxury watch such as Breitling or Hamilton, whereas someone who is a certified for watch repair means that they have taken a course from the company.  (I am certified to repair Omega Co-Axials and Tag Heuer Monacos).  Of course you can get your Breitling or Hamilton repaired by me, maintaining your warranty as I am an authorized dealer.
  4. Beware of Fake Watches.  Especially in New York City, but everywhere – if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is!  Buying your Breitling or Hamilton from an authorized dealer means you are purchasing the real thing.  Buying them on the street means you are taking your chances.
  5. Understand the Watch Gray Market.  The gray market means that people are illegally importing watches and/or watch repair parts. They may be genuine but they exist in a legal gray area, and may ultimately void the warranty on your luxury watch (Breitling, Hamilton, Rolex, or whatever brand).
  6. Work with Someone You Can Trust.  I have been in business for thirty one years, and have great reviews on Google Places, Yelp and other services.  Ask around, and make sure you are getting your trusted Breitling or Hamilton repaired by someone who can trust.
  7. Select Your Watch with Care.  An authorized dealer has not only genuine watches but the best selection.  I stock many watches, and I can order any Breitling or Hamilton (such as the new Hamilton Thin O’matics or Pan Europ Chrono-Matics).  Your luxury watch says something about you – don’t get buyer’s remorse!
  8. Service Your Watch Regularly.  An authorized dealer is not in the watch repair business for a quick buck.  Rather, this is a skilled craftsman who loves the luxury watch business.  He or she can help you service your watch on a regular basis, thereby keeping it in tip-top condition and preserving your investment.
  9. Buying Authorized Prevents Hardship Later.  If you buy from an authorized dealer, you get a warranty.  If not, you may try to send your watch back to Breitling or Hamilton and find out that they will not honor your ‘warranty.’  Even worse, you also might not be able to get parts for it due to gray market complications.
  10. Fine Watches are Like Fine Cars or Necessary Pharmaceuticals.  You wouldn’t fill your necessary prescriptions using medications you buy on the street, and you wouldn’t buy a brand new Mercedes car from a vendor on the sidewalk.  Breitling and Hamilton Watches are like fine automobiles and critical pharmaceuticals – quality matters!

So that’s my list of ‘Top Ten Reasons to Buy Your Next Hamilton or Breitling at an Authorized Dealer.’

Authorized Dealer for Hamilton, Breitling, and Other Luxury Watches in New York, NY

If you are in the market for a new Breitling, Hamilton, or other luxury watch, stop by my watch shop in New York City (Midtown Manhattan), and we can ‘talk watches.’  If you need your Breitling or Hamilton watch repaired, I am an expert repairman and an authorized dealer in both watches.  So email me or give me a call to discuss your watch repair needs – I can even handle the repair process online, if you are outside of New York, NY, or it’s not convenient for you to drop by.

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