Ron Gordon Watch Repair Helps Customers Define Chronograph vs. Chronometer

Technically, all watches are chronometers; whereas chronographs are ‘stop watches’ in layman’s terms.

New York, NY. July 31, 2012. Ron Gordon Watches, a leading Watch Repair Shop in New York, NY, is proud to announce their latest explanatory post, a clarification of the difference between chronograph and chronometer. Many watch customers buy watches for both the luxury brand appeal as well as the knowledge import of owning a high quality, luxury watch. These brands convey both a sense of style and a sense of excellence.

“Watches have enjoyed a resurgence in popularity,” explained Ron Gordon, the shop’s expert watchmaker. “One of my goals as New York’s top watch repair shop is to educate my customers on the technical excellence in these timepieces – including the basics, such as the difference between a chronograph and a chronometer.”

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The Difference between a Chronograph and a Chronometer


A chronograph is a watch or other apparatus with two independent time systems: one indicates the time of day, and the other measures (stopwatch function) brief intervals of time. Counters that register seconds, minutes and even hours can be started and stopped as desired. It is therefore possible to measure the exact duration of an event. There are many variations on the chronograph. Some operate with a center seconds hand which keeps time on the watch’s main dial. Others use sub-dials to time elapsed hours, minutes and seconds. Still others show elapsed time on a digital display on the watch face. Some chronographs can be used as a lap timer (see “flyback hand” and “split seconds hand”). The accuracy of the stopwatch function will commonly vary from 1/5th second to 1/100th second depending on the chronograph. Some chronographs will measure elapsed time up to 24 hours. Watches that include the chronograph function are themselves often called “chronographs.” When a chronograph is used in conjunction with specialized scales on the watch face it can perform many different functions, such as determining speed or distance (see “tachometer”). Do not confuse the term “chronograph” with “chronometer.” The latter refers to a timepiece, which may or may not have a chronograph function, that has met certain high standards of accuracy set by an official watch institute in Switzerland.


A chronometer, technically speaking, actually means any and all watches. But for a Swiss made watch to be called a chronometer, it must meet certain very high standards set by the Swiss Official Chronometer Control (C.O.S.C.). If you have a Swiss watch labeled as a chronometer, you can be certain that it has a mechanical movement of the very highest quality– undergone a series of precision tests in an official institute. The requirements are very severe: a few seconds per day in the most unfavourable temperature conditions (for mechanical watches) and positions that are ordinarily encountered are tested.

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