Ron Gordon Watch Repair of New York, NY, Explains Water Resistance and Watch Repair in Blog Post

Water resistance for luxury watches explained at both a technical and style level.

New York, NY.  September 9, 2012. Ron Gordon Watches, a leading Watch Repair Company in New York, NY, is proud to announce their latest blog post, explaining the difference between water resistance and water proof standards. Leading luxury brands for sports watches / water resistant watches are Rolex, Tag Heuer, Breitling, and Omega. Yet many consumers do not know the difference in water resistance standards, including which watches can withstand tough water tests such as scuba diving and which cannot. Many brands such as Rolex, Tag Heuer, Breitling, and Omega among others are known for having watches designed for water resistance, but still consumers can be quite confused.

“Water is essential to human life, but can be very dangerous for a fine luxury watch,” explained Ron Gordon, the shop’s expert watchmaker. “With New York City the center of style in the United States as well as many wealthy individuals who love to scuba dive, I have had many watch repair clients asking for advice on water resistance standards and watches. So we wrote a blog post outlining the basic details of water resistance in watches, as well as recommendations for repair issues for water resistance and watches.”

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Watch Repair, Water Resistance, and Ron Gordon Watch Repair

Here are some examples of water resistance standards, including for the major luxury watch brands –

  • Water Resistant (W.R.) Will only resist sweat, splashes, rain drops etc. Very minimal exposure to water in your everyday life.
  • 20m / 2ATM W.R. or 30m / 3ATM W.R. – these ratings mean that the watch is suitable for immersion in water but not for swimming.
  • 50m / 5ATM W.R. – luxury watches at this rating level are suitable for swimming / boating but not diving into water or surfing
  • 100m / 10 ATM W.R. or 150m / 15 ATM W.R. – these watches are acceptable for OK for low diving into water, snorkelling and surfing but NOT scuba diving (with tanks).
  • 200m / 20 ATM W.R. – these watches are the highest standard, suitable for scuba diving.

In addition, the blog post explains how water resistance standards are surrogates for style and surrogates for the coolness factors in luxury Swiss watches. Watch repair is an art as much as a science, and in the blog post, Ron Gordon hints at the sheer design beautify of these mechanical timepieces that can also withstand water to great depths. Beyond sheer repair, the blog post discusses the stylistic implications of water resistant watches. For example, TAG Heuer’s Aquaracer for scuba diving, so prominently advertised by actor Leonardo DiCaprio, has had a major impact on the brand perception of TAG Heuer as a brand of choice for sports watches, or water resistant watches for scuba and other activities.

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