Rolex and The Deepsea Challenge: What’s On Your Wrist?

There’s a famous credit card commercial that has a memorable punch line: “What’s in YOUR wallet?” The commercials are a humorous way for the credit card company to argue that its cards are superior to the others, and (by implication) the smart people are those that use its card. Now, let’s face it, credit cards are all pretty much the same and whether the card is blue or black, it’s all about the interest rate, the loyalty program, and where it’s accepted (which is pretty much everywhere these days). So, “What’s in YOUR wallet?” rings a little bit absurd.

Rolex Repair NYC
Photo credit: SLU Madrid Campus via / CC BY-ND

But when you look at watches, especially luxury Swiss watches, it’s a different story. Many of the New Yorkers who come into our NYC shop seeking either a tuneup for their Rolex watch or an outright Rolex repair are the kinds of people who not only love style but also function. They want a watch that looks good – yes, but also a watch that performs well. Even better they choose the Rolex brand so that they can “stand out” in New York City as among the watch cognoscenti, those who know a good, no a great, watch when they see one. Rolex is one of those brands that combines both functionality and beauty.

Rolex and the Deepsea Challenge

Which brings us to the story for today: the story of Rolex and the Deepsea Challenge. Many of you may be familiar with James Cameron’s films such as Terminator, Titanic, or Avatar. The files are masterpieces not just of cinematography but also of story-telling. In his “deep sea” films, Mr. Cameron uses a submersible, and the 2012 dive into the Mariana Trench, which is the deepest point in the world’s oceans. Rolex participated in this remarkable dive by designing a unique Rolex to withstand the immense pressures of some 12 kilometres (7 miles) below the surface of the Pacific Ocean. The watch, uniquely designed by Rolex for the mission, kept accurate time, as Cameron demonstrated by looking at the watch on the manipulator arm at the bottom of the Mariana Trench.

Here are the Rolex watch specifications:

  • Waterproofness: 12,000 m / 39,370 ft.
  • Load Resistance: 13.6 tons
  • Diameter: 51.4 mm
  • Thickness: 28.5 mm

Rolex Watches and the New York Sense of Style

New York is nothing if not “over the top.” It’s a city of extremes – incredible tall buildings, an incredible passion for living whether it’s in the arts or in business, and just an over-the-top, incredible city. Sometimes this gets on the nerves of non-New Yorkers, and we’ll admit that the whole “New York is the center of the world” can be a bit much at times. But, that said, what is wonderful and great about New York City is the passion for excellence that we see everyday. Many New Yorkers discover the Rolex brand perhaps because it is the #1 brand of luxury watches in the world, for style and for expense, but then over time, they discover the history of Rolex and the passion of the Rolex for science and industry. The story of Rolex and the Deepsea challenge is one example of how Rolex combines beauty with form, and how Rolex supports scientific and industrial excellence.

Therefore, the next time someone asks, “What’s that on your wrist? A Rolex?,” you might start not with how much the watch costs or how dazzling the watch looks but with the story of Rolex and its technology. “What’s on your wrist?,” they ask, and you can respond, “A bit of history.”

Photo credit: SLU Madrid Campus via / CC BY-ND