New York City’s Top Omega Watch Repair Shop, Ron Gordon Watch Repair Announces Post on Omega’s New Olympic Watch Collection

New York, NY – March 23, 2018. Ron Gordon Watch Repair, a top-rated Omega watch repair service for NY, New York, is proud to announce a new blog post on Omega watches and the new Olympic Collection, called the “Omega Seamaster Olympic Games Collection.” As New York City’s premier watch repair shop for everything that relates to Omega wathes, Ron Gordon Watch Repair is excited to discuss this new collection and remind Omega watch owners everywhere that the best place in New York, NY, to get an Omega watch repaired is at Ron Gordon Watch Repair.

“We really enjoyed the recent Olympics in South Korea,” explained Ron Gordon, proprietor of Ron Gordon Watch Repair. “Many people don’t pay attention to just how important time-keeping is at the Olympics, and even fewer know how deep the relationship is between Omega Watches and the Olympics. Our latest blog posts celebrates the history of Omega Watches and looks forward to the 2032 Olympics via the new “Omega Seamaster Olympic Games Collection” which coincides with the 100 year history of Omega watches at the Olympics.” Omega Watch Repair - New York, NY

To read the new blog post on Omega watches, visit To learn more about Omega watch repair in New York City visit The post explains that the collection includes five watches, whichwill be each limited to 2,032 pieces, a reference to the year 2032, in which Omega will mark 100 years as Official Olympic Timekeeper, and they reflect the five colors of the legendary rings of the Olympic Games; straps and dial highlights are available in black, yellow, green, blue and red. The clean, simple black dials are inspired by hand-held Omega stopwatches used in previous Olympics, notably those used for the 1976 games in Montreal and Innsbruck. Next, it goes through some other trivia about Omega and the Olympics, and concludes with some “fun facts” about recent time-keeping at the Olympic games.

Persons who own Omega watches would do well to call up Ron Gordon Watch Repair for either an inspection or tune-up. Those who have non-functioning Omega watches can bring them in for an evaluation and estimate on the cost of any repairs. It is a shame to own such a storied brand and not have a functioning watch, and the hope of this blog post and all blog posts to the Ron Gordon Watch Repair blog is to encourage New Yorkers to share and showcase their passion for watches.

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