Ron Gordon Watch Repair Announces New Post on Rolex Oyster 39 and Strategies for Rolex Watch Lovers

New York, NY – July 27,2020. Ron Gordon Watch Repair, the New York City leader in Rolex watch repair and service at, is proud to announce a new post on the theme of a Rolex watches for all seasons. The post celebrates the Rolex Oyster Perpetual 39, which is a more understated type of Rolex. The post explains that many people want the Rolex brand but are looking for a more all-seasonal type of watch. The Rolex Oyster Perpetual 39 fits this need.

“Rolex is the most popular watch brand that we repair at our shop,” explained Ron Gordon, proprietor of Ron Gordon Watch Repair. “Like so many New Yorkers, we are drawn to the Rolex brand for its sense of style and its elegance. But we can see that many people want a Rolex that is toned down just a bit and yet retains everything that makes Rolex such an incredible watch. For this reason, our post celebrates the Oyster Perpetual 39.” Rolex Watch

To read the new blog post,visit The post goes into detail the form, function, and style of this incredible Rolex. It also points out that many Rolex lovers have more than one Rolex and that they bring in their watches in series to Ron for repair and service. Rolex watches, after all, are addictive. Commonly people may have more than one. And, because these are complicated mechanical devices, periodic service and repair is necessary to keep the watches in tip-top shape. For these reasons, many New Yorkers have identified Ron Gordon Watch Repair as the best-in-class watch repair shop in New York City when it comes to Rolex watches.


Here is background on this release. New Yorkers have loved Rolex since the very beginning of the brand. After all, nothing says success like a Rolex on one’s wrist. And, with watches for both men and women, for both high fashion and more sporty events, Rolex has done a great job at creating a cornucopia of watch choices. New York City residents are able to have more than one Rolex and mix and match them according to their style needs. That said, some Rolex lovers want a watch that can be more of an “all purpose” timepiece, a Rolex that they can wear without having to think through their fashion needs. With a lively blog, Ron Gordon Watch Repair helps watch lovers keep abreast of the latest watch trends. The current installment draws attention to one of the Rolex watches that fits the need for a “watch for all seasons.” In addition, the post explains that those seeking Rolex watch repair in New York, NY, can visit the shop and get inspections and repairs as needed. After all there is no greater tragedy for a watch lover than to have their Rolex sit in a drawer, non-functioning. That watch should be brought to Ron and restored to its full glory!


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