Ron Gordon Watch Repair Announces New Post Explaining Key Features of the Rolex Oyster Case

New York, NY – June 25, 2024 – Ron Gordon Watch Repair, a leading certified Rolex watch repair and service center in New York, is excited to announce the release of its latest blog post, providing new and updated information on the iconic Rolex Oyster Case. Originally conceptualized and patented by Rolex in 1926, the Oyster case revolutionized the wristwatch industry as the world’s first waterproof watch case. This groundbreaking innovation set a new standard for durability and reliability, cementing Rolex’s reputation as a pioneer in horological engineering.

“The Rolex Oyster Case represents a pivotal moment in watchmaking history, combining technological innovation with unparalleled craftsmanship. Our latest blog post aims to unravel the intricate details of this enduring symbol of precision and durability,” explained Ron Gordon, Proprietor of Ron Gordon Watch Repair of New York, NY. “Our blog highlights these technological and historical facts to help those who love watches, love them even more.”

Rolex watch and a deep sea diver near New York, NY
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Here is background on this release available in full at and from the official Rolex website at The newly updated post takes the reader on a journey of discovery into the “Rolex Oyster Case.” The Rolex Oyster case is synonymous with robustness and precision engineering, crafted from premium materials like Oystersteel, 18k gold, and 950 platinum. Its solid middle case provides exceptional strength, safeguarding the intricate movements within and ensuring longevity in various environments.

Integral to its waterproof design are the patented Twinlock and Triplock winding crowns, which employ dual-seal and triple-seal systems respectively. These innovations, akin to a submarine hatch, enhance the Oyster case’s resistance to water ingress, making it indispensable for adventurers, professionals, and everyday wearers alike.

Beyond its waterproof capabilities, the Oyster case features innovations like the Cyclops lens for date magnification and the Chromalight display for enhanced visibility in low-light conditions. These features not only improve functionality but also underscore Rolex’s commitment to innovation and user experience.

Among the readers of the blog, many are into deep sea diving, scuba, and even the joys of wearing a waterproof watch for swimming in New York City’s many pools. For deep-sea enthusiasts, Rolex incorporates a helium escape valve in models like the Sea-Dweller and Deepsea, allowing safe decompression without compromising the watch’s integrity. The Cerachrom bezel, introduced in 2005, further enhances durability with its scratch-resistant and corrosion-resistant properties, ensuring long-lasting beauty and functionality.

Each Rolex Oyster case undergoes rigorous testing, including immersion in water at pressures exceeding those encountered at specified depths. This meticulous quality control guarantees that every Oyster-equipped watch meets Rolex’s stringent standards of performance and reliability.


Whether they possess a vintage Rolex handed down through generations or a newly acquired model, Rolex owners can benefit greatly from bringing their timepieces to Ron Gordon Watch Repair in New York City for inspection, tune-up, and necessary repairs. The shop’s certified watchmakers specialize in the meticulous care and maintenance of Rolex watches, ensuring every component—from the intricate movements to the robust Oyster case—operates at peak performance. Regular inspections and tune-ups not only preserve the watch’s accuracy and reliability but also extend its lifespan, safeguarding the owner’s investment for years to come. Whether it’s a historical heirloom or a modern masterpiece, entrusting a Rolex to Ron Gordon Watch Repair guarantees it remains a symbol of precision and luxury, ready to accompany its owner through life’s adventures with unmatched durability and timeless elegance. Rolex owners are encouraged to schedule an appointment today via to experience the exceptional service that defines Ron Gordon Watch Repair.


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