Vintage Zodiac Repairs – Zodiac Sea Wolf Watch Repairs

June 29, 2011.  Vintage Zodiac watches have enjoyed a real resurgence among the trend setters in New York City.  One of the more interesting Zodiac timepieces is called the Sea Wolf.  I have had more and more customers inquire about either purchasing a vintage Zodiac or having a vintage Zodiac watch / Sea Wolf repaired.

Many, or most, of these Vintage Zodiac watch lovers have been in New York City, but I have had calls and web inquiries from all over the world for the repair of Vintage Zodiac watches and specifically the Sea Wolf type.  So if you are not in New York City, you can still get your Vintage Zodiac repaired by an expert watch craftsman.  They are a beautiful time piece and well worth the investment.

Vintage Zodiac Watch Repair – Sea Wolf

Many famous people love high quality, luxury watches – among them the Zodiac brand, including the Sea Wolf.  Have you seen anyone famous lately wearing a vintage Zodiac?  Perhaps a movie star or politician?  Let me know.  I am always eager to hear the buzz about Zodiac watches and the rich and famous.

Ron Gordon, Master Watchmaker

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