Ron Gordon Watch Repair, New York, NY, issues statement on Luxury Quartz Watch Repair

A Quality Quartz Watch Deserves Timely, Quality Maintainence!

New York, NY. April 2, 2012. Ron Gordon Watches, a leading Watch Repair Shop in New York, NY, is proud to announce the company’s latest blog post on watch repair and watch maintenance issues. Ron Gordon, the shop’s expert watchmaker, has a long history of excellent watch repair as well as experience with how many busy New Yorkers put off watch maintenance until it is too late. This month’s post focuses on a hidden issue: the fact that quartz watches also need regular repair and maintenance. “Even quartz watches need regular maintenance,” explained Ron Gordon, continuing, “Many watch owners – even of luxury brands like Omega, Tag Heuer, Breitling, Tissot, Longines, or Hamilton mistakenly assume that a quartz watch will last forever, without regular maintenance. That is not correct.”

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Why Even Quartz Watches Needc Regular Repair and Service

Quartz watches need regular repair for two primary reasons. The gear train is the mechanical section of the watch that has to be disassembled and cleaned, because the oil dries up after 4-5 years of use. If the watch owner just keep changing the battery and you have a water resistant timepiece, after 4-5 years the seals have to be changed. People who just keep changing the battery find out that the watch runs fine but then if they go in the water, the watch leaks. So the first reason explained in Ron’s new blog post is that even a quartz watch can lose its water resistance if not properly maintained. The second reason has to do with the battery. If the watch isn’t serviced the watch owner will get less and less usage out of the battery because it take more power to push the gear train when its dried out and dirty. So the best medicine it to make sure to have the watch serviced every 4-5 years whether it is a quartz watch or mechanical.

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