Google+, the New Kid on the Social Media Block, Makes Sharing a Passion for Luxury Watch Repair Information Easy

Watch Repair and New York Information, Shared Socially
June 28, 2012

Google has launched their latest social network called Google+. It competes with Facebook, as a way for people to connect and share their passions. My passion of course is luxury watch repair, such as the repair of Tag Heuer, Breitling, Rolex, Hamilton and other watches for the people of New York, NY. My other passion is the great city of New York, NY. Our shop is located in Midtown, the hub of New York City, so we see the goings on about the town from a central view.

I recently joined Google+ with the goal of sharing the trials and tribulations of watch repair and New York, NY. Plus to have a little fun, sharing interesting tidbits of information on these two themes – luxury watch repair, and New York city. Another hobby I really like is photography. So recently, for example, I shared some photographs of a beautiful Tag Heuer Monaco yesterday. When it came in the pushers were not functioning right and it was fogging up. Now it’s up to factory specs again. I also shared a photo of the gigantic Daddies ketchup bottle, with a ‘slippery when wet’ sign in front.

There is so much history and intelligence in watches, watch making, and watch repair! Watches played a critical role in the development of European civilization, including navigation. Did you know that navigation was not really possible until the invention of a reliable timepiece? Indeed, watches and time pieces played a central role not just in navigation but in the coordination of peoples, even the coordination of armies at war. Most people know, for example, that the railroads played a role in how our present time zones were created. Manufacturers like Breitling, Tag Heuer, Rolex, and others bring not just style but technology to the watch industry. So the next time you see a New Yorker on the street with an impressive luxury watch… Realize that it’s not just style – its substance, it’s history, it’s embedded intelligence!

Take IWC, for example. Here are some interesting facts in their timeline –

  • 1868, American Florentine Ariosto Jones partners with Johann Heinrich Moser to establish, International Watch Company IWC in Schaffhausen, Switzerland where they can harness the power of the Rhein falls for energy.
  • 1869, International Watch Company IWC produces the Caliber Jones movement, one of the first to be wound with a crown.
  • 1890, International Watch Company IWC creates its first Grand Complication pocket watch comprised of more then 1,300 parts.
  • 1900, International Watch Company IWC becomes a supplier to the British Royal Navy and the Imperial German Navy.
  • 1940, International Watch Company IWC works tirelessly to create a fully antimagnetic watch for aviators. It houses an inner iron case. The company launches its Portuguesier collection of oversized watches.
  • 1954, International Watch Company IWC develops an automatic rewinding mechanism and positions it in its Ingenieur collection.

Did you know how much history and intelligence there was in just one luxury watch brand, IWC? So on Google+, I plan to share ‘what’s on my bench, I plan to share trivia about luxury watches, I plan to share photos of New York, NY… I plan to help build a community of watch lovers among me and my customers, as we share a passion of advanced timepieces and for New York, NY.

If you love watches and love New York, follow me on Google+. It will be fun! ~ Ron Gordon

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