Ron Gordon Watches of New York, NY, Lauds Hamilton Watches 120th Anniversary

An American Icon Turns 120 and Ron Gordon Watches of NYC Commemorates

New York, NY. May 31, 2012. Ron Gordon Watches, a leading Watch Repair Shop in New York, NY, is proud to commemorate the 120th anniversary of Hamilton Watches. Hamilton Watches are an American icon, with the company having been founded in Lancaster, PA, in 1892. The company started with a focus on the issue of time and the railroads, and grew into areas such as aviation – industries atune to the growing industrial might of the United States. Ron Gordon Watches, in turn, is a local New York city watch repair shop that celebrates the diversity and tradition of fine watches – both European and American.

“One hundred and twenty years for a watch company like Hamilton can be seen as long or short,” explained Ron Gordon, the shop’s expert watchmaker. “I have sold and repaired many types of Hamilton watches over the years, and find that the brand conveys a uniquely American sense of tradition and modernity, of the USA and of Europe. Many of my New York City customers see Hamilton as a uniquely American brand that both looks inward to America and outward to Europe, backwards to its history and forward to the future, at once American and at once European. For some, there is no finer signal of style than these uniquely American yet also European Hamilton watches.”

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Hamilton Watches and Ron Gordon Watch Repair

Hamilton Watches is commemorating its 120th anniversary with unique blog posts and a virtual history museum on its website. Ron Gordon Watch Repair, in turn, is a company that embraces the Internet and Web. One of the company’s long range goals is to post its watch inventory on the Web so that potential customers can view not just Hamilton watches but other watch brands on the Internet. This use of the Web is a synergistic combination of old and new; old being the traditional watches carried and repaired by Ron Gordon Watch Repair and new, being the use of the Web as a vehicle to showcase fine watches and fine watch repair to people, anywhere, not just in New York, NY.

For owners of Hamilton Watches, Ron Gordon recommends regular repairs. Among the repair services for Hamilton Watches that Ron Gordon recommends are –

Partial Maintenance (whenever the battery is changed)

  • Replacement of the gaskets using genuine Hamilton parts
  • Returning water resistance back to Hamilton factory specification
  • Ultrasonic cleaning of case and bracelet
  • Final check of all components

Complete Overhaul

  • Repair or replacement of worn or damaged movement parts
  • Adjustment and regulation of the timekeeping to Hamilton factory specification
  • Restore the water resistance to Hamilton factory specifications
  • Refinish the case and bracelet
  • Final technical inspection and 72-hour test.

About Ron Gordon Watch Repair

Ron Gordon Watch Repair is conveniently located at 280 Madison Avenue at 40th Street in Midtown Manhattan, New York City. The company specializes in the service and repair of high quality, luxury, watches, both modern and vintage, and repairs watches for those who wear the very best brands. The expert and namesake is Ron Gordon.

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