New York City’s Top Watch Repair Shop Near Grand Central, Ron Gordon Watch Repair Releases Homage to Grand Central’s Centennial

Grand Central Terminal celebrates one hundred years, as nearby New York City watch repair shop watches the comings and goings of busy New Yorkers.

New York, NY. February 27, 2013. Ron Gordon Watch Repair, a top watch repair shop, near Grand Central terminal NYC, is proud to announce their latest blog post lauding the anniversary of New York’s best known transit hub, Grand Central Terminal. Built in 1913, Grand Central is celebrating is centennial, and Ron Gordon Watch Repair takes this opportunity to show its support not just for a New York landmark but for the combination of practicality and style that is a hallmark of New York City. “New York is an amazing combination of form and function,” explained Ron Gordon, watch expert and store proprietor, “Like Grand Central itself, we are a city that is at once practical business and irrational style. The luxury watches I repair every day – brands like Hamilton, Breitling, and TAG Heuer – represent the same incredible combination of form and function, of practicality and style.”

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One Hundred Years of Grand Central, What Does it Mean?

Ron Gordon Watch Repair’s blog has a purpose: to entertain and educate New Yorkers on the trivia and facts of luxury watch repair. In his monthly blog post, Ron Gordon waxes poetic about a building that also combines the incompatible: form and function. Here’s an excerpt from the blog post:

What is style? What is substance? New York City could have built a boring, functional yet non-beautiful building. Instead, we chose to spend a little extra to create a monument to Beaux Arts, a stylish mecca of transit to go with that fundamental New York City oxymoron: stylish busyness. We are a city of busy people, and yet we are a city never too busy to have style. One hundred years of New York City’s Grand Central reflects this juxtapositioning of style and substance, just as the hundred year old history of major luxury watch brands speaks to the same impossible combination of a love of time, the patient watching of time ticking past us, and a love of beauty. TAG Heuer, to give just one example, has been around since 1860. Take this example from their website, “Since 1860—While TAG Heuer is firmly orientated to the future, our company culture is still firmly based on our heritage from the past. The values and expertise of leading watchmakers has been handed down from generation to generation, making TAG Heuer a brand that is both timeless and daring, that transcends types and styles, a highly contemporary name for all those who love a challenge.”

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