New York City’s Top Tissot Watch Repair, Ron Gordon Watch Repair Announces Post on Tissot Style

New York, NY – February 25, 2018. Ron Gordon Watch Repair, a top-rated Tissot watch repair service for NY, New York, is proud to announce a new blog post on the Tissot brand. As New York City’s premier watch repair shop for everything Tissot, Ron Gordon Watch Repair is passionate about keeping clients informed about what’s new and exciting in the watch industry. This month’s blog brings attention to a storied Swiss watch brand, Tissot.

“Not everyone knows the history of Tissot,” explained Ron Gordon, proprietor of Ron Gordon Watch Repair. “Accordingly, our post draws attention to the Tissot brand with some quick facts. We also discuss Tissot’s pocket watches, which might become yet a new watch styles as more and more people are discovering luxury watches of all brands.” Tissot Watch Repair - New York, NY

The post goes into more detail about the Tissot brand. For example, the post explains that the brand’s red plus sign to the right of the “T” symbolizes both Switzerland (the Swiss Flag) and symbolically time itself. Compared with logos such as that for Rolex or for Tag Heuer, it’s quite a bit simpler and really builds directly on the Swiss heritage. Another interesting idea brought up in the post is that many watch connoisseurs have more than one watch, and more than one brand. So a person might come into the Watch Repair Shop with his Rolex, only to learn that Ron Gordon Watch Repair is not only the best Rolex repair shop in New York City but the best place for Tissot repair as well. In this way, people who have more than one luxury watch, and more than brand, can make a relationship with a watch repair shop that can handle all their luxury watch repair needs – from Rolex to Tissot, and from Tissot to Tag Heuer, etc. Those who have a Tissot are urged to bring their watches in for either repairs or tune ups.

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