Tissot: Repairing Tissot Watches in New York City and Some History

Tissot is not the most common luxury watch brand that we see here in our New York City repair shop, but it’s still an incredibly interesting and storied brand. Rolex, of course, is the bread and butter of luxury watches, and everyone loves Rolex. But Tissot is less common but no less interesting or stylish. In fact, a few Rolex connoisseurs will own not only Rolex watches but other watch brands, and Tissot is one of the favorites. So in this month’s blog, we thought we’d share some facts and thoughts about Tissot. If you have a Tissot, bring it into our shop for a repair or tune-up, and we can talk “Tissot.”

Tissot Watch Repair - New York, NYFirst, let’s talk about the brand logo. It’s different, and the red plus sign to the right of the “T” symbolizes both Switzerland (the Swiss Flag) and symbolically the plus for time. So there’s a “T” for Tissot and a plus / for Switzerland and of course for time. Compared with logos such as that for Rolex or for Tag Heuer, it’s quite a bit simpler and really builds directly on the Swiss heritage. Second, let’s talk about history. The brand began round about in 1853. The watches, sold in more than 160 countries, are authentic, accessible, use special materials, advanced functionality and meticulous design. Tissot stands by its signature, Innovators by Tradition. It is part of the Swatch Group and Official Timekeeper of the NBA, FIBA, MotoGP™, FIM World Superbike, NatWest 6 Nations, Tour de France and the World Championships of cycling, fencing and ice hockey.’ Third, let’s get technical and talk about the silicon balance spring, which is at the heart of the Tissot Ballade making its Powermatic80 movement, which offers up to 80 hours of power reserve, more resistant and consistent, allowing for a greater precision and guaranteeing longevity. Fourth, Tissot introduced its first tactile watch, with “T-Touch,” technology in 1999; watches containing this technology have touch-sensitive sapphire crystals to control various functions like compasses, barometer, altimeter and thermometer. The latest models in the T-Touch series, the T-Touch Expert Solar and T-Touch Lady Solar, have 25 functions.

Will Tissot Lead the Way to a Pocket Watch Renaissance?

Finally, here’s something unusual about Tissot in the era of wristwatches. The company has a very robust series of pocket watches (You can check them out at https://us.tissotshop.com/men/pocket-watches.html. According to the brand, “Since 1853, pocket watches have been a signature at Tissot. Whether worn with a chain and a three-piece suit or as an accessory as compulsory as the conductor’s hat, Tissot’s pocket watches keep the romance of timekeeping alive.” Of course, pocket watches predate wrist watches, and maybe they’ll be the next wave of fashion. Regardless, if you have a Tissot, whether new or old, bought or inherited, we can repair it. Bring your Tissot in for an evaluation, and we can evaluate any necessary repairs.

Oh, and if you have a Rolex or Tag Heuer, that’s great, too. We find more and more of our customers aren’t just “one watch” men or women, but rather “multi watch” people and more and more “multi brand.” It’s something you can “get into” and one of the few collectibles that’s functional (they keep time), artistic (they are works of art), engineered (they are a testament to the power of the human mind), and conversation-starters (wear one and you have something to share and start a conversation about, with nearly anyone).