New York City’s Top-rated Tag Heuer Repair Shop, Ron Gordon Watch Repair, Announces Post on the Rarity of TAG Heuer

New York, NY – October 28, 2018. Ron Gordon Watch Repair, New York City’s top TAG Heuer repair shop, is proud to announce a new blog post on the “rarity of TAG Heuer,” focused on the passion that exists among fans of the brand and on the uniqueness of the TAG Heuer Carrerra Calibre 360. The post starts off musing about the challenge of being unique in a big city like New York City and then drills down into the uniqueness of the TAG Heuer brand among watch lovers.

“TAG Heuer is one of our favorite brands, and we see a lot of TAG Heuer watches, since we are known as the best place in New York City to get a TAG Heuer repaired,” explained Ron Gordon, proprietor of Ron Gordon Watch Repair. “Our blog posts explains the unique story of eleven TAG Heuer Carrerra Calibre 360s and has a link to the official TAG Heuer site. The history and story behind each and every watch are just two facts that makes TAG Heuer an unique brand.” TAG Heuer Watch Repair New York, NY

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Here is background on this release. While the most common type of watch these days is probably the Apple watch, the blog post explains that there is anything but uniqueness in the Apple watch. Those watches are great, but they are optimized for physical fitness and features. Among watch lovers, therefore, it is probably Rolex that becomes the most popular luxury watch brand. After that, the unique brands such as Omega, Hamilton, Tissot and others flesh out many varieties in luxury watch brands. Ron Gordon Watch Repair uses its blog to share its enthusiasm for the history and diversity of Swiss watches. Accordingly, this month Ron focuses the community’s attention on the story behind eleven unique watches that were the initial run of the TAG Heuer Carrerra Calibre 360. Any of these eleven watches brings a hefty price at auction as they combine that zeal of TAG Heuer for excellence in watches with a unique story and a nearly unique existence. After all, there are literally millions of Apple watches out there in the marketplace, and to compare that with just eleven for this TAG Heuer is mind-boggling. Any person who owns a TAG Heuer of any type is encouraged to reach out to Ron Gordon Watch Repair to have their watch inspected, tuned up, and if need be, repaired. After all Ron Gordon Watch Repair is known as the best place in New York City to get a TAG Heuer repaired, and it is also the best place to discuss and share a passion for everything TAG.

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