Ron Gordon Watch Repair Announces New Post on Rolex Oyster Case and Rolex Watch Service

New York, NY – March 24, 2022. Ron Gordon Watch Repair, the New York City leader in Rolex watch repair, is proud to announce a new post on the Rolex brand, specifically the “Rolex Oyster Case” and the details therein. Rolex is one of the most popular luxury watch brands brought into the shop for service and repair in New York City, and the blog brings attention to interesting and detail-oriented issues each month.

“Rolex is one of the brand’s that we see frequently, because nothing says that one has ‘made it’ like having a stylish Rolex on the wrist,” explained Ron Gordon, proprietor of Ron Gordon Watch Repair. “Our latest post summarizes many of the key details not just of the Rolex watch but also the details of the case. Many customers might not realize just how detail-oriented the watches are. They even have a ‘helium escape valve’ for when a diver comes up under pressure.”Rolex Oyster Watch

To read the new blog post, visit The post summarizes key details about the Rolex Oyster case and gives some historical facts about how, when, and why various details emerged. To just take the case of the ‘helium escape valve,’ the post summarizes WatchTime as follows. Set on the side of the case, the helium escape valve is made up of a hermetic cylinder that houses a piston surrounded by a spring. While the difference between the watch’s internal and external pressure is less than 2.5 bar, the piston remains closed. Once this limitation is crossed, the piston slides automatically outwards, releasing the excess internal pressure. Next, the post explains that, in reality, few New Yorkers need this type of feature. But that’s not the point. The point is that the watch has this feature “because it can.” The post goes on to highlight how successful New Yorkers buy the watch because Rolex is brand that just literally “can do it.” The brand combines style and substance. It’s no surprise, therefore, that the Rolex is a key brand in New York and among New Yorkers.


Here is background on this release. Rolex is one of the most popular brands among residents of New York, New York. Rolex watches are incredible watches and their engineering allows them to be used for many applications, not just undersea deep sea diving. Thus some New Yorkers have a watch they can put on their wrist not just to look great but to remind them of the kind of watch that is available if one needs to go deep sea diving. But then if one owns a Rolex, bringing it into Ron Gordon Watch Repair for a complete top-to-bottom inspection, service, and repair. Indeed, many persons have more than one watch and thus can bring in one for repair and wear the other. Ron works hard to stay best-in-class when it comes to Rolex watch repair, and it may come as no surprise that he is seen as the best Rolex repair shop in New York City.


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