Ron Gordon Watch Repair Announces New Post on Rolex Deepsea Challenge

New York, NY – , 2022. Ron Gordon Watch Repair, the New York City best-in-class shop for Rolex watch repair, is proud to announce a new post on the brand’s exciting announcement of the 2022 “Deepsea Challenge” Rolex. Priced at $26,000, the new watch sports an all Titanium build, is waterproof to great depths, and builds on Rolex’s historical strategy of building best-in-class waterproof watches.

“While few New Yorkers need to go deep sea diving to these incredible depths, that’s not the point,” explained Ron Gordon, proprietor of Ron Gordon Watch Repair. “Fine watches are as much art as practical timepieces, and the post highlights some of the fun, historical facts about the Rolex brand and this announcement.”Rolex watch repair means watching the Rolex Deepsea Challenge watch in New York, NY

To read the new blog post, visit The post explains both the technical features of the new watch and the historical facts of its origin. For example, it explains, “Waterproof to a depth of 11,000 metres (36,090 feet), with a unidirectional 60-minute rotatable bezel, the Deepsea Challenge is an extension of the experimental watch created in 2012 to accompany James Cameron in the Mariana Trench. The watch thus combines: history, technology, and is one of the first 100% Titanium watches.” Interested persons are also directed to the official Rolex page at


Here is background on this release. Rolex is one of the most popular brands among the cognoscenti of New York, New York. Rolex watches are incredible watches and their engineering allows them to be used for many applications, not just undersea deep sea diving to great depths. The use of Titanium, while incredible, is as much a “talking point” as a showcasing of Rolex’s waterproofing technical prowess. Thus some New York City residents have a watch they can put on their wrist not just to look great but to remind them of the kind of watch that is available if one needs to go deep sea diving. But then if a person owns a Rolex, they should bring it into Ron Gordon Watch Repair for a complete top-to-bottom inspection, service, and repair. Indeed, many persons have more than one Rolex watch and thus can bring in one for repair and wear the other. Some have purchased a new one a few years back, others have inherited a watch from Mom or Dad, and still others may have purchased a vintage Rolex from a third party. Ron works hard to stay best-in-class when it comes to Rolex watch repair, and it may come as no surprise that he is seen as the best Rolex repair shop in New York City.


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