A Look Back at OMEGA Watch History and the Space Program (and a Look Forward to OMEGA Watch Service)

The OMEGA watch is a brand that is well known for its high-quality, precision timepieces. OMEGA has a rich history dating back to 1848, and it has been involved in some of the most significant moments in history. In particular, OMEGA watches played a crucial role in the Apollo moon landing program. In this blog post, we will explore the storied history of the OMEGA watch and its relationship to the moon landing program. We will also examine the importance of timekeeping to the NASA program and the brand identification that helped make the OMEGA watch brand “cool” given its relationship to the Apollo space program. Finally, we’ll point out some of the “new” and “exciting” attributes of the OMEGA Speedmaster Moonwatch Professional Master Chronometer.


OMEGA was founded in 1848 by Louis Brandt in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland. Initially, the company was called “Louis Brandt et Frère – OMEGA Watch & Co.” but was later renamed to simply “OMEGA.” OMEGA was known for its precision timekeeping and was one of the first brands to manufacture wristwatches.

In the early 20th century, OMEGA’s reputation for accuracy led to it becoming the official timekeeper for many sporting events, including the Olympic Games. OMEGA was also the official timekeeper for the 1932 Los Angeles Olympics and has held that role for every Olympic Games since 1932.OMEGA watch service in New York, NY

During World War II, OMEGA supplied watches to the British Royal Air Force and the American Army. OMEGA’s Seamaster watch was also used by the British Royal Navy.


The Apollo program was a series of space missions conducted by NASA between 1961 and 1975. The goal of the Apollo program was to land humans on the moon and return them safely to Earth. The Apollo program consisted of a series of manned missions, with the first manned mission being Apollo 7 in 1968.

The Apollo program required precise timekeeping to ensure that the spacecraft arrived at its destination on time and to ensure that the astronauts were safe. OMEGA was selected as the official timekeeper for the Apollo program, and its watches were used by the astronauts during their missions.


OMEGA watches played a crucial role in the Apollo program. The watches were used by the astronauts during their missions, and they were also used by the ground crew to monitor the time of the mission.

One of the most famous OMEGA watches associated with the Apollo program is the Speedmaster Professional. The Speedmaster was first introduced in 1957 and was initially designed as a racing chronograph. However, the watch quickly became popular with pilots and astronauts due to its precision and durability.

In 1965, NASA began testing watches to determine which watch would be used by the astronauts during the Apollo missions. The watches were subjected to rigorous testing, including exposure to extreme temperatures, high humidity, and intense shock. Only three watches passed the tests, and the OMEGA Speedmaster was one of them.

In 1969, the OMEGA Speedmaster became the first watch worn on the moon. During the Apollo 11 mission, Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin both wore Speedmasters while they were on the moon’s surface. The Speedmaster was also used on subsequent Apollo missions.


The current Speedmaster Moonwatch Professional Co-Axial Master Chronometer Chronograph 42 mm, as this timepiece is known by its full name, is inspired by the fourth generation of the Moonwatch, which was worn by the astronauts of the Apollo 11 mission when they flew to the moon in 1969. Insiders often refer to this model as Ref. ST 105.012. Ref. ST 105.012 and Ref. ST 145.012 have asymmetrical cases because of their crown protectors. This protection was added after NASA saw a danger due to the possibility of inadvertently adjusting the crown and thus the time display. Ref. ST 105.012 and Ref. ST 145.012 are the officially certified models and have had the word “Professional” on their dials since 1966. Before that, this lettering had previously adorned only a few examples of Ref. ST 105.003. Buzz Aldrin is said to have worn an ST 105.012 when he stepped onto the lunar surface, while Michael Collins kept an ST 145.012 strapped to his wrist as he waited inside the capsule (Source).

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