Hamilton Watches Turn 120 – of Time, of Watch Repair, and of History

An American Icon Turns 120 – Celebrating Hamilton Watches
May 23, 2012

Hamilton watches is celebrating its 120th anniversary. This is an American icon, founded in 1892 and born in Lancaster, PA. I have repaired many a Hamilton watch in my day, as new and old connoisseur of watches and of Americana have fallen in love with this brand. In this blog post, I want to share some excerpts of history about Hamilton Watches and my thoughts on this great American watch –

From the Hamilton Website – (http://hamiltonwatch.com/en/news/collection-2012—intra-matic/97)

The year 1892 was ignited by pioneering spirit. Life-changing inventions such as the diesel engine, the vacuum flask and the first Braille writing machine earned pride of place in the history books. Not to mention basketball! In this year, the Hamilton watch brand was born in Lancaster Pennsylvania. In 2012, precisely 120 years later, its innovative Swiss made products are still making their mark on the passage of time, with style and sophistication as their signatures. A long list of timekeeping milestones makes up the brand’s rich history.

What Does This Mean?

What does this 120 year history of Hamiton mean, to you – today’s 2012 consumer? First, it means that if you buy a Hamilton watch you are buying a piece of American history. Many wonderful watches are Swiss, but Hamilton is American. America is a diverse and wonderful place, a place that at once is open to Europe and other cultures, and a place that is, in itself, to its own. So owning an American watch like a Hamilton is a patriotic statement – but one that doesn’t look inward, but looks outward: at competing with, in a friendly way, the best of European watches.

Second, Hamilton watches have history. These are watches that fathers pass onto sons, that mothers give to daughters. Many are intertwined with a love affair with aviation; if you or anyone in your family is an aviator, these watches make an excellent choice. 120 years of watch history, coupled with the climbing success of American aviation – now that’s a story.

And, third, Hamilton watches are about quality and about respect for that quality. I repair many Hamiltons and keep them in their top condition. Like a fine American automobile, Hamilton watches evoke style and respect, and that respect is all about preserving their heritage as they move forward.

120 years, in watch history, might seem long – or it might seem short. But to a country founded in 1776, 120 years is a significant amount of time. If you love Hamilton watches, if you are in New York City looking for someone to repair your Hamilton with love and respect, then I am your guy. – Ron Gordon

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