Ron Gordon Watch Repair Releases Blog Post on ‘The Swiss Lever Escapement and Swiss Watch Repair’

“On Time” series of blog posts shares informative details on New York City watch repair, including technical details of Swiss watch repair.

New York, NY. May 1, 2013. Ron Gordon Watch Repair, a Swiss Watch Repair service in New York, NY, is proud to announce their latest blog post as part of a new series, “on time.” The “on time” series shares history and technology information on Swiss Watch repair with a special focus on New York, NY, as a center of watch fashion. “Swiss watches are the most popular luxury watches not just in New York City but in the world,” explained Ron Gordon, watch expert and store proprietor, “My latest blog posts goes behind the scenes to identify and explain the Swiss Leverl Escapement as well as some competing solutions, namely from OMEGA.“

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The Swiss Lever Escapement

Swiss Watch Repair, New York City (NYC) - Swiss Lever EscapementAs is so often true in any industry, there are different solutions to this design challenge. All the watch companies Tag Heuer, Rolex, Omega, Longines, Tissot, Rado, Hamilton, Baume & Mericer, and LeCoultre use the Swiss lever escapement. The Swiss lever escapement comprises an escape wheel having teeth, and a lever having on the one hand an entry pallet and an exit pallet that engage alternately with the teeth of the escape wheel, and on the other hand a fork that engages periodically with an impulse pin on a roller mounted on the staff of a regulator balance wheel.

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