Vintage Watch Repair – Hamilton, Elgin, Waltham – Featured in Blog Post, Announces Ron Gordon Watch Repair

“On Time” series of blog posts shares informative details on New York City watch repair, including insights into watch repair history.

New York, NY. August 3, 2013. Ron Gordon Watch Repair, a top luxury Watch Repair service in New York, NY, is proud to announce their latest blog post as part of a new series, “on time.” In this latest post, Ron Gordon expounds on the ups and downs of storied American watch brands such as Hamilton, Elgin, and Waltham City.

“Each watch tells a story, and so does each watch brand,” explained Ron Gordon, proprietor of the Ron Gordon Watch Repair. “As someone who repairs and loves watches, I like to share the historical side of watch repair such as great American brands like Hamilton, Elgin, and Waltham.”

To learn more about the history of watches and watch repair, visit Ron Gordon Watch Repair. There one can find a lively blog on watch repair, as well as information on major brands of luxury watches in New York, NY, and their repair.

The History of Watches through Storied Brands

Watches are not dissimilar to the rise and fall of cities. Brands rise and fall, and some great American brands have been reborn, either as vintage watches directly or in a new foreign-made edition. In this blog post, Ron Gordon would like to share some history about great American watch brands: Hamilton, Elgin, and Waltham.

Each brand was once a vibrant American brand, but only Hamilton successfully transitioned to a living, International watch brand. Regardless, vintage watch lovers can find much to wonder at in the stories of each of these major watch brands. Hamilton is of particular note as that company has both modern and vintage editions, and Ron Gordon Watch Repair is involved in the servicing of both types of Hamilton watches. Indeed, people looking for vintage Hamilton can come to the shop as well as people looking for Hamilton watch repair.

About Ron Gordon

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