Tag Heuer: Fake vs. Real – How to Tell / Expert Tips

December 09, 2014 – As one of New York’s top Tag Heuer watch repair services, we get a lot of inbound requests for information on the famous brand. We love Tag Heuer’s, as they are both stylish and technically advanced, and apparently so do the thieves and imposters. So when someone calls, or comes into the shop with the Question – ‘Hey, Ron, I have a Tag Heuer how can I tell whether it is fake or genuine – we have some answers. And, if they need New York City’s top-rated Tag Heuer repair shop, well they’ve found that, too. Enjoy some Tag tips and tricks on how to tell if your ‘Tag Heuer’ is real or fake. Fake vs. real, you want to know you have a genuine Tag Heuer. So here you go –

1. The Crown

The crown of the watch should not show any signs of glue or adhesive on it. Cheap replica Tag Heuer watches often have the logo actually glued or adhered to the end of the crown. The watch should wind smooth and free, without the feel of the movement moving in the case. The real Tag Heuer winds so effortlessly, it can even be mistaken for not having been wound at all as the movement of the crown is so fluid and undisturbed. Counterfeit Tag Heuer watches don’t wind as smoothly and the winding mechanism can be felt moving.

2. The Face

Look closely inside the face of the Tag Heuer watch. A genuine Tag Heuer should be pristine, with no signs whatsoever of fingerprints or dust or any other microscopic debris. If the face of the watch has any signs of even a spec of dust, a tiny hair, or even a light fingerprint or smudge (can be seen underneath certain special lighting) then it is highly likely it is fake.

3. The Dial

Tag Heuer - Fake vs. Real

The printing on the face of the authentic Tag Heuer watch is crisp, clean, and sharp. If the Tag Heuer watch has even the slightest blur or inconsistency in the lettering or numbering it is not authentic. The font used in the Tag Heuer watch is always the same, and the writing on the face of the watch should be distinct and very easy to read. The spacing between the numbers / lettering on the face of the watch must also be perfectly aligned both vertically as well as horizontally.

4. Luminosity

Tag Heuer watches are made using a chemical called Luminova, which makes the hand and the dial glow in the dark, making it easy to read the time in any kind of lighting. The Luminova makes the hand and dial glow very brightly and distinctly without creating a glare or shadow on the other characters. A fake Tag Heuer will not glow as bright as the real Tag — the display will glow poorly or not at all, and the glowing, if present at all, will not be consistent and will cause more glare and shadow on the characters.

5. Swiss Made

All Tag Heuer watches will say “Swiss Made” on the bottom of the face of the watch. Many fakes will say “Japanese Movement”, which would never appear on the bottom of the face of a real Tag Heuer watch.

6. Watch Case

Tag Heuer’s case is made of black suede. The Tag Heuer emblem is engraved on the bottom. which is unique to the Tag Heuer name and design.

7. Certificate of Authenticity

All Tag Heuer watches are delivered to the buyer with a Certificate of Authenticity. This certificate of authenticity has been reproduced by counterfeiters many times over, however none will have the embossed holographic seal on the document, nor will it bare the unique number registered by Tag Heuer specific to that watch and that watch only. Before paying the requested price for a Tag Heuer, always insist on seeing its Certificate of Authenticity. If the dealer cannot provide the document, it’s probably a fake watch.

8. The Band

Check the band for links. Just look for a left and right piece to each of the links. Fakes will have solid links, or they may have a line on them that’s supposed to fool you into thinking the links are two pieces.

Repairing Tag Heuer Watches in New York City

If you have a Tag Heuer watch that you are sure is genuine, but you need it repaired, I repair Tag Heuer watches in New York City. Or, if you are thinking of buying a Tag Heuer and want it pre-inspected, I can do that, to help you tell a ‘fake’ Tag Heuer from a ‘real’ Tag Heuer. Fake vs. real, a true Tag Heuer is a work of art as much as a work of precision timekeeping, so bring it to an expert for an inspection and cleanup. You’ll be glad you did.

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