Rolex Service: Keep Your Rolex in Tip-Top Shape (Here’s How)

Rolex watches are a site to behold. The styling, the shine, the shimmer – there really is nothing that says expensive style like a true Rolex watch.  Many Rolexes, of course, cost many thousands of dollars, and like any product with that kind of value, you need to do your best to keep it in working order. As one of the top-rated places for Rolex watch repair in New York City, I see more than my fair share of tragedies: Rolexes that are not being properly cared for, properly maintained, and kept in proper working order so that their aesthetic beauty is matched by their watch performance. In the spirit, I’d like to share my tips and pointers on the preventative maintenance and inspection I can give your Rolex.

Let’s get started.

Rolex Watch Service: 26 Steps to Keeping a Rolex Tip-Top

Step 1
Remove the bracelet or strap from the case of the watch.
Step 2
Remove the case back; Extract the crown with the winding stem so as to remove the movement with the dial and the hands.
Step 3
Dismantling of the case (glass, tube, pushers, helium escape valve, gaskets, bezel, etc.).
Step 4
Refinish the case and bracelet (where applicable)
Step 5
Rolex Watch RepairCleaning (washing) of the case and bracelet
Step 6
Dismantling of the dial and the hands from the movement.
Step 7
Dismantling of the movement into its individual parts.
Step 8
Identification of worn or damaged movement parts.
Step 9
Repair or replacement of any faulty movement parts.
Step 10
Cleaning (washing) of the disassembled movement in a machine with specific baths.
Step 11
Checking the cleanliness of the movement.
Step 12
Assembling and oiling of the movement
Step 13
Checking of the functions of the movement
Step 14
Adjustment of the rate.
Step 15
Assembling and oiling of the movement
Step 16
Checking of the functions of the movement
Step 17
Adjustment of the rate.
Step 18
Install the dial and hands.
Step 19
Casing up the movement equipped with the dial and the hands.
Step 20
Full winding of a mechanical watch and adjust the timing.
Step 21
Closing of the case and checking of the water-resistance (where applicable)
Step 22
Setting of the correct time; checking the technical and aesthetic condition of the assembled watch.
Step 23
After 24 hours, checking to confirm that the precision and the rate are stable.
Step 24
In order to check the power reserve of a mechanical watch, measurement of the hours of operation.
Step 25
Install the bracelet or strap.
Step 26
Final check before returning the watch to the customer.

So those are the basic steps I take to service and maintain a Rolex, brought into my New York City watch repair shop. If you have one of these watches, it’s really worth it to bring it in so that first I can examine it and diagnose any issues. And, second, I can perform the regular maintenance listed above.

Some Fun Facts about Rolex Watches

The first fun fact isn’t so fun: Rolex watches are the most commonly faked watch brand. In fact a how to spot a fake Rolex is a very popular search on Google!  A second fun fact is that Rolex actually started in the United Kingdom, before moving to Switzerland in 1905.  A third fact is that all Rolex watches are still made by hand.  Oh, and guess what? Here’s for #4 – the most expensive Rolex sold for $1.1 million at Christie’s, here.  For a fifth fact, realize that Rolex watches use one of the various highest grades of metal, 904L. And finally the name ROLEX doesn’t really stand for anything – it was chosen because it’s easy to pronounce in almost any language, and just sounds wonderful on the tongue. If you have any fun facts about Rolexes of your own, or you’re looking for best-in-class Rolex repair in Midtown Manhattan, New York City… drop by my watch repair shop!