Buying a Vintage Rolex in NYC: Things to Ponder

Rolex is perhaps the #1 luxury watch brand, at least in terms of brand awareness. Here in the heart of New York City, we see many incoming customers for Rolex repairs in our shop. Many times, it’s a simple repair issue. The owner bought the watch new, and is confident that it’s a “real” Rolex and not a “fake.” While we repair it, we can very quickly determine if it is truly authentic or not. But in this scenario, it’s generally OK. Another scenario is someone who has inherited a Rolex. Perhaps a parent has passed away, or another relative, and the person ends up with the Rolex. They might now know if it’s authentic or not, and even the value of the watch. They bring it in for a “check up,” or a general repair. In this scenario, we often find that they are genuine Rolex watches, but sometimes that is not true. We have to break the news to the person that the watch is not a genuine Rolex.

Another scenario is when people buy, or want to buy, a vintage Rolex. In this case, it is very important BEFORE you buy a vintage Rolex to educate yourself on how to identify a fake Rolex. Indeed, you can bring a Rolex into us and we can help you: a reputable seller will often agree to this, before you shell out many thousands of dollars. Think of it like bringing a used car into a mechanic BEFORE you buy it: it’s a big investment, and you want to be as sure as reasonably possible as to what you are buying!

That said, here are some thoughts to ponder before you buy a vintage Rolex in New York, NY (or anywhere else on this planet):

  • The Dial – the dial of a Rolex is the ‘most important’ element. You want to examine it closely for authenticity. In addition, they can be swapped out by people over time, as on a used car: so you might have a genuine Rolex but the dial was replaced over time. This can impact the value, as can the fact that it’s fake. So let us examine the Rolex dial and give you some guidance.
  • The Parts – Rolex watches (like everything else) can break, and need to be repaired. If you’ve inherited a Rolex watch, then – chances are – it’s pretty old. Over time, the watch may have been repaired. If the parts used were not genuine, or were only authorized by Rolex (not manufactured by Rolex), this can impact the value of your Rolex watch. Let us examine the parts of the watch and give you information on if the watch was repaired, and if so, using what types of parts.Rolex Watch Repair - New York, NY
  • Watch Condition – assuming the watch is genuine, it’s time to assess its condition. Is it working? If so, how well? If not, what’s wrong, and what’s the cost to fix it? We are specialists in Rolex repair in New York City, so if it’s not functioning, we can give you an estimate on repair and then fix it. Let us assess your watch condition and needed repairs.
  • Other Elements – now, most of you are anything but experts in Rolex watches and Rolex watch repair. Accordingly, there is a laundry list of other item such as the lugs, case, crown, back, bracelet, box, papers. Again, reach out to us if you are in the market for a vintage Rolex, or have come into procession.

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