New York’s Top Rolex Repair Shop, Ron Gordon Watch Repair Announces Post on Rolex Chronographs

New York, NY – December 14, 2019. Ron Gordon Watch Repair, the New York City leader in Rolex watch repair and service, is proud to announce a new post to its blog on trends in Rolex chronographs, specifically an homage to the fifty-plus year history of Rolex watches and the Daytona International Speedway. While the Rolex brand is well-recognized for its luxury, many Rolex collectors gravitate to vintage Rolex watches including the so-called Rolex “Daytona.” The new post explains the storied history of Rolex and car racing.

“Rolex is more than just a beautiful luxury watch brand,” explained Ron Gordon, proprietor of Ron Gordon Watch Repair. “We see and repair many vintage Rolex watches here in our New York City watch repair shop, and we’re always excited to share ‘shop talk’ with persons who love vintage Rolex watches, including Rolex chronographs and the storied Rolex Daytona.” Vintage Rolex Watch Repair New York NY

To read the new blog post, visit  The new post walks the reader through the history of Rolex watches and the Daytona International Speedway. In addition, the post advocates that anyone who owns a non-functioning or suboptimal Rolex watch should bring it into Ron Gordon Watch Repair. The convenient Midtown location makes it easy for both native New Yorkers and folks who commute into the city to have their watch serviced. Persons who would like to know more about Rolex watch repair services in New York City can visit; persons who want to know a little bit more about the company’s Midtown location can visit In either case, persons who are interested in the post and who have a watch to repair, can visit the website or call in to discuss their potential Rolex service needs.


Located in Midtown Manhattan, Ron Gordon repair the leader in best-in-class Rolex service in New York City. Indeed, among collectors of vintage Rolex watches in New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut, Ron Gordon watch repair is known as the goto place for Rolex watch repair. Many collectors agree that it would be a terrible tragedy to own a Rolex Daytona yet let it languish in a drawer in a non-functioning state. Instead, and especially after reading the new post on Rolex’s storied history vis-a-vis automobile racing, the best course of action is to bring the vintage Rolex into Ron Gordon Watch Repair for inspection and possible service. For these reasons, Ron Gordon Watch Repair has posted yet another interesting read to its lively blog.


Ron Gordon Watch Repair is conveniently located at 280 Madison Avenue at 40th Street in Midtown Manhattan, New York City. The company specializes in the service and repair of high quality, luxury, watches, both modern and vintage, and repairs watches for those who wear the very best brands. The expert and namesake is Ron Gordon.

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