Ron Gordon Watch Repair Announces Post on Rolex Datejust and a Historical Perspective

New York, NY – January 26, 2021. Ron Gordon Watch Repair, the New York City leader in Rolex watch repair, is proud to announce a new post on the Rolex Datejust. The watch was first launched in 1945 and is a symbol of the postwar boom and confidence. It has undergone numerous iterations and is a favorite of Rolex watch collectors not just in New York City but throughout the United States.

“Rolex is one of our most popular brands, and we are excited to showcase some historical information about the Datejust on our watch blog,” explained Ron Gordon, proprietor of Ron Gordon Watch Repair. “Beyond reading the blog, we are encouraging anyone lucky enough to own a Rolex Datejust to call us up and consider bringing the watch in for a tune-up and repair. It would be a tragedy for someone to leave a Datejust stuck in a drawer, unfunctioning.”Rolex watch repair in New York NY

To read the new blog post, visit The post explains as follows. First, there’s the “Cyclops lens,” named after the one-eyed giant of Greek mythology, the Cyclops lens magnifies the watch’s emblematic date display two and a half times for easy reading. Behind the Cyclops, as with every feature of a Rolex timepiece, lies a history of invention, research and development, and the endless search for perfection. Second, there’s Relesor, the auspicious meeting of two metals on a single Rolex watch: gold and steel, with their contrasting colors and radiance, in subtly balanced harmony. Finally, there’s the fluted bezel. This is quite interested. As Rolex explains, originally, the fluting of the Oyster bezel had a functional purpose: it served to screw the bezel onto the case helping to ensure the waterproofness of the watch. It was therefore identical to the fluting on the case back, which was also screwed onto the case for waterproofness, using specific Rolex tools. Over time, the fluting became an aesthetic element, a genuine Rolex signature feature. Today the fluted bezel is a mark of distinction, always in gold.

The post references its sources on the Internet and points those readers who want to dig deeper into the history of the Rolex Datejust to key articles on and other key sites in the watch industry. It concludes by reminding Rolex owners that when they are looking for one of the best, if not the best, Rolex watch repair shops in New York City, they should consider Ron Gordon.


Furthermore, the post explains that Rolex is the most popular brand brought into the watch repair shop. The stunning beauty and elegance of a Rolex says that one has “made it,” and thus it is a popular watch with New Yorkers who collect and wear luxury watches.  Readers are pointed to the New York City Rolex watch repair page at and encouraged to call in and book an appointment to have their precious Rolex inspected, tuned up, and possibly prepared by Ron Gordon.


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