Ron Gordon Watch Repair Announces New Post on the ‘Cult of OMEGA’ and the OMEGA Watch Brand

New York, NY – April 19, 2022. Ron Gordon Watch Repair, the New York City leader in OMEGA watch repair, is proud to announce a new blog post diving into the ‘Cult of OMEGA’ and the brand excitement over elevation of the legendary Moonwatch to Master Chronometer status. The new post references key blog articles on the Internet, including the official page on OMEGA.

“All the major luxury watch brands have their fans, but there are really no fans like OMEGA fans,” explained Ron Gordon, proprietor of Ron Gordon Watch Repair. “Our post helps both OMEGA fans and just luxury watch fans, generally, learn a little bit about the storied history of the OMEGA brand and this exciting announcement – now one year old – about the Master Chronometer status for the Moonwatch. It’s phenomenal!”OMEGA

Persons who want to learn more about OMEGA watches and this announcement can visit That post explains the news from OMEGA and comments on it. The blog post has links to key articles on the OMEGA website plus the backstory on how this all came to be. Many New Yorkers in their fifties and sixties may be able to remember the excitement of the Apollo Moon Landings, and those who love watches may even be aware of the role OMEGA played in the moon missions. This latest announcement by OMEGA solidifies its leadership in the space exploration area, and attaches the history of today to the history of yesterday. Indeed, many in the “younger generations” are getting excited about space travel, as missions to mars are planned and leading billionaires are investing heavily in space exploration.

The blog post finishes up by alerting interested readers on how to find a best-in-class OMEGA watch repair shop in New York NY, and the importance of inspection, tune-up, and possible repair for any OMEGA but especially for a vintage watch. Whether one’s OMEGA is brand new, fifty years old, or just a vintage watch bought online, Ron can inspect and repair the OMEGA. Ron is passionate about the OMEGA brand and can offer advice on those purchasing a used or vintage OMEGA watch


Here is background on this release. OMEGA is one of the most popular watch brands that Ron deals with in his watch repair shop. Conveniently offering watch repair near Grand Central Station, Ron brings watch repair to New York residents who own luxury watches. Many New Yorkers inherit a watch such as an OMEGA Moonwatch from a parent or grandparent. Others purchase one on eBay or from a dealer in pre-owned watches. Still others have the luck to find one in an abandoned drawer or attic. However one comes into the possession of an OMEGA watch, the next best step is to bring it into Ron for an inspection, tune-up, and (if necessary) a repair. No one has a reputation better than Ron as the best watch repair in New York City for OMEGA.


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