Tag Heuer Service: What Does it Really Mean?

What does service really mean? It’s not about the cheapest and fastest, it’s about the best. True service comes from the person who loves your watch as much as you do. Ron Gordon, owner of Ron Gordon Watch Repair in New York, is devoted to luxury watch repair. He cares that your TAG Heuer is serviced with the utmost respect and care!

You Feel Welcome and Like a Top Priority

The best service starts with that first contact. You should receive a warm and inviting greeting as soon as TAG Heuer Service NYCyou walk into a business. Even if the business owner has a workshop full of Tag Heuer watches with various repair deadlines, you will not know. All you care about is your luxury watch and that is how you should be treated!

A Watch Repair Expert Can Spot Problems Right Away

Whether it is a wrist watch, pocket watch or chronograph, a watch repair professional should be able to spot the problem the moment they examine the watch. As one of Ron Gordon’s customers explains; “As soon as I walked in the store, Ron was able to trigger the problem instantly before I opened my mouth!”

If your TAG Heuer can be serviced while you wait, a watch repair professional will name the price and fix it quickly. If your watch needs extra attention, they respect the artistry of the watch and can tell you what it needs. Since they are the best in service, this all comes naturally to them.

If you have to leave your TAG Heuer at the shop, know that the best service means follow-up. Just like watching over a treasured child, they are monitoring your TAG Heuer’s progress and reporting back with a quick call.

You Always Receive that “Something Extra”

Exceeding expectations is what the best service is about! If your TAG Heuer is ready before the expected pick up date, you will be contacted right away. At pick up, a watch expert will offer tips how to care for your timepiece and welcome your questions. This reflects a real passion for what they do. As, one of Ron Gordon’s customers explains, “After receiving my watch back, Ron stressed the importance of taking care of my watch. His service met the high level of quality I expected.”

Lastly, you’ll never have to ask for that “extra polish” to ensure your watch face crystal clear. The best watch repair expert will expect you to walk out of their their New York shop with your TAG Heuer looking brand new and right on time!