New York City Residents: Top Ten Reasons Why a Luxury Swiss Watch Stops Working

New Yorkers like to be on time. If they plan on being fashionably late, they still like to know exactly how late to be. When time stops still on a luxury timepiece, that’s the moment to find out what has gone awry and visit a professional watch repair. Ron Gordon, of Ron Gordon Watch Repair in New York has a list of possible reasons your luxury Swiss watch has lost its time.

Top 10 Possibilities Your Watch Has Stopped

1. It could be a dead battery.
”Free of charge” has a different meaning at this point.

2. You did not wind your watch.
That important lunch date may look at you sideways if this is the excuse you give for being late.

3. If the watch was dropped the balance staff could be broken.
True balance in life is the key to happiness. Take a moment to restore the Zen to your timepiece.

4. The watch is wound fully and it does not work it could be dried out and dirty.
Maybe wearing your luxury Swiss watch to Burning Man wasn’t such a good idea?

5. The watch winds endlessly and it’s a manual wind it could be a broken mainspring.
Midtown Manhattan NYC - Watch Repair by Ron GordonWarning: This doesn’t mean you’ve gained an endless amount of time. Put down the latte and step away from the cute kitty videos.

6. If it stops overnight and is an automatic watch it may need servicing.
Unfortunately you don’t have a Tardis, so travelling back in time to see which alien messed with your Rolex isn’t an option.

7. A screw got loose.
Sorry, but that handy box ‘o screws in the toolbox is not going to do the job for this kind of repair.

8. The dial feet could be broken and the dial has shifted.
Nobody likes a shifty dial, find a watch repair professional and step on it!

9. Dirt in the gear train.
Even watches can’t concentrate when there is grit and grime in their bits and pieces.

10. The watch face is foggy
Watches don’t cry, but you will if this doesn’t get repaired right away.

Remember New Yorkers, a fine Swiss watch requires extra care to keep it accurate and brilliant. A simple check-up at a professional watch repair business like Ron Gordon’s will keep any of the above time stoppers from ruining your day. Then you will know precisely how long to enjoy those cute kitty videos!

Ron Gordon,
Ron Gordon Watch Repair of New York, NY