Ron Gordon Watch Repair Announces New Post on Rolex Air-King & Repair of Rolex Watches in New York City

New York, NY – June 22 2022. Ron Gordon Watch Repair, the New York City leader in Rolex watch repair, is proud to announce a new post on the Rolex brand, specifically the “Rolex Air-King” and the details thereof. Rolex is the most popular luxury watch brand that is brought into the best-in-class watch repair shop, thus validating its status as a leader among stylish New Yorkers who love watches.

“Rolex is a brand that we watch closely, and so we were very excited at the recent announcement of a new version of the Rolex Air-King,” explained Ron Gordon, proprietor of Ron Gordon Watch Repair. “Our latest post summarizes the news from Rolex for our watch audience, and reminds users who own a vintage or older Rolex, to bring it in for an inspection, service, and repair to Ron. We’re conveniently located in Midtown Manhattan.”Rolex Air-King Repair and Service in New York, NY

To read the new blog post, visit The post explains both the validation and aspirational aspects of the Rolex brand ( Many New Yorkers wear Rolex watches to symbolize that “they’ve made it.” Others wear Rolex watches to symbolize that they “aspire to make it.” Either way, it’s a beautiful yet functional watch to have on one’s wrist. Even more important, the Rolex brand has been intimately connected to the history of aviation. The “Air-King” is one of the watches known by Rolex to have been connected to flight since it’s launch in the late 1950s. The relaunch has a completely redesigned case, including a crown guard. This is the first major update to the Air-King line since 2016, when at Baselworld of that year the watch brand unveiled the familiar, green-accented dial configuration which now defines the series. The Rolex watch features a redesigned case with a crown guard and straight sides like the majority of Professional category models. The proportions of the bracelet have been revisited and the model benefits from an optimized Chromalight display. The watch’s display is now perfectly balanced: each five-minute interval is now marked by two digits.


Here is background on this release. Rolex is one of the most popular brands among residents of New York, New York. Rolex watches are incredible as they combine form and function. They are both objects of art and yet functional timepieces for busy New Yorkers. Many New Yorkers are returning to work in Midtown Manhattan and bringing their Rolex watches with them. Many have inherited or purchased “so-called” vintage Rolex watches. But with age comes problems. Many older versions of Rolex watches including the famed “Air-King” are now decades old, and may be in need of service or repair. Indeed, many residents of New York City have more than one Rolex, and thus can bring in one for repair and wear the other at that time. Ron Gordon works hard to stay best-in-class when it comes to Rolex watch repair in NYC, and it may come as no surprise that he is seen as the best Rolex repair shop not only in Midtown ( but throughout New York City.


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