Luxury Watch Gift Ideas: Tips from NYC’s #1 Watch Repair

As New York City’s top-rated watch repair shop, we see a lot of watches! Here in our watch shop in Midtown, people often come into the shop with a non-functioning watch, an old hand-me-down watch that they inherited, or just a watch that they somehow acquired, and it has issues. Watch brands like Rolex, Hamilton, or Tag Heuer are so expensive, that they are worth repairing. Most of the time, the people are bringing in their own watches, but as the Holidays approach we get folks coming in with watches that they are planning to gift to their loved ones.

In that spirit, here are some holiday gift ideas surrounding luxury watches.

Christmas, Hanukkah, and Holiday Gift Ideas – New York, NY, – December, 2015

  1. Old is New – consider the family heirloom watch. Perhaps your Dad or Mom has passed away, but they had a favorite Rolex, Tag Heuer or other luxury Swiss watch. Dig that beautiful watch out of the drawer or jewelry box, and bring it in. Even if it’s working, we can give it a ‘tune up.’ The last thing you want is for it to stop on Christmas day!
  2. Vintage Zodiac Watches – we are a retailer of fine Vintage Zodiac watches. These watches have a kind of old-fashioned style that you can’t get from the new watches. For the hipster on your list, there is nothing cooler than a vintage Zodiac. Come by our watch shop and browse our inventory… we’re happy to help you brainstorm gift ideas, and of course, we’ll make sure that the vintage Zodiac you give as a gift is in tip-top condition.
  3. Rolexes, Rolexes, Rolexes – nothing spells luxury to most people like a Rolex. Have an old Rolex? Come in and we can inspect it, and we can verify it’s a real Rolex and not a fake Rolex. We have a many-pointed inspection and are known as THE place to go to determine the veracity of a Rolex watch. So find that old Rolex, bring it in, we can verify it’s real, as well as inspect it, polish it up and make it truly sparkle on a Hanukkah night, a Christmas morning, a Kwanza gift exchange or for anyone secular, an event to share just the beauty of giving gifts to people you love.
  4. Everything Swiss – have a person in your life who loves European style? Of course, most of the major luxury watch brands are Swiss, so there’s a European angle to these gifts. Even if that gift-giver isn’t necessarily into watches, consider giving him or her a Swiss watch and helping him or her realize the importance of European style.
  5. Sports or Living-it-dangerously Enthusiast – for the sportsperson in your life, perhaps a person into Scuba, consider the James Bond watches. We have some in stock, or can acquire those you need, or if you have a sports-type luxury watch, bring it in for an inspection and possible repair. You can read a fabulous article about the watches of James bond, here. A great gift for the 007 in your life.Holiday Watch Ideas for New York City
  6. Husband Gift Ideas – for that special man in your life – your husband – consider gifting him a new or vintage luxury watch. Most men, let’s face it, are not always into style and they will do stupid things like wear a cheap Timex with their work suit, or at a special occasion. You know better! We can help you brainstorm great watch ideas for the husband in your life: Tag Heuer watches, Rolex Watches, Rado Watches and more. And, again, let’s say that your husband has a non-functioning Hamilton sitting in his dresser – bring it in, let us fix it up, let us polish it to the max, and PRESTO – you have a new gift that is really an old gift. Nothing says style like a sparkling Hamilton or Rolex on his wrist during that next business event, or night out on the town of New York City.
  7. Wife Gift Ideas – the same goes for a wife, of course. Most ladies do have a sense of style, but still they may have an older Tissot, Movado, or Jaeger-LeCoultre that they no longer wear because something as simple as the battery died. Who knows? Bring it in, we can inspect it, and verify that it’s in prime working order. It’s funny – people often think new when they think of watch gift ideas, but really it’s often the old family heirloom, or a watch bought just a few years back that brings a smile to their eye during a holiday gift event. So for the wife in your life, bring in your non-functioning watch, and let us repair it.
  8. Girlfriend or Boyfriend. Here in New York City we live at the center of style. For the boyfriend or girlfriend in your life, consider a new or old watch as a gift. For the younger generation, we recommend the Vintage Zodiac’s or some of the high-profile James Bond watches for the guys. Girls, you can dress up the guys in your life by thinking luxury watch this season. Guys, you can make that girl go WOW by gifting her a sparkling Rolex. The beauty of watch is that the person wears it so frequently, and they look at it throughout the day – that subtle reminder that you are, indeed, their very special sweetheart.

New Watch Ideas

Most of the ideas above connect to older watches, and of course since we repair watches, that’s our priority and our special expertise. Among the other ideas are to consider buying a watch at a discount, such as a Rolex, but before you shell out your hard-won cash, bring it in to us for verification. Whether it’s a Rolex, a Tissot, or a Tag Heuer, we can inspect the watch, make sure it’s in working order, and verify it is not a fake. This would go for any “new” watch that you find at a “bargain.” Be careful: even during the holidays, or especially during the holidays, fakes and scams abound.

Another way to get a new watch is to come into our shop. We don’t have the biggest inventory of new watches in New York City, but we have excellent customer service and we have chosen our watch inventory carefully. You don’t want just the same old thing that anyone can get at an authorized Rado, Longines, or IWC watch shop in New York. You want something unique, something different. Come into our shop and browse our inventory. We’ll be happy to discuss your loved one’s sense of style, and recommend the perfect luxury gift for that special someone.

We love watches, and we love the Holidays! So visit us for holiday watch gift ideas in New York City. Oh, and one last thought: don’t forget to treat yourself. Perhaps you’re going out on the town to the Opera, an office Holiday party, or some other Holiday event. If you have a luxury watch that isn’t working properly, bring it into us now. We can inspect it, repair it, and get it in tip-top shape for your holiday arm. Looking stylish is part of the fun of the Holidays in New York City.